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1 confetti party

3 live Q+A's


The Ballsy course helps you notice larger issues and societal patterns that (heh) suck balls and keep you small.  To know if this is course right for you, a quick quiz!

Tally your 'yes' answers to these 12 questions.  

Do you: 

     + deeply believe you’re not worth it?

     + routinely shove your opinions down instead of expressing them?

     + speak in question marks more often than periods?

     + routinely override strong instincts about a person, place, or project?

     + delay pursuits, projects and ideas until later, which often becomes never?

     + get caught in perfectionism with projects that are ‘almost’ done?

     + ask for permission to complete a normal human task or justify a business expense?

     + go out of your way to remove hurdles to your partner to atone for your absence?

     + routinely give your work away for free?

     + refer to your “little” project or say it’s “just” your business or “only” a recital/premiere/showing/event that you’re actually really proud of?

     + treat your business as a hobby because it doesn’t make X dollars, where X is always 20 to 200 percent more than you currently make?

     + pretend you don’t know what you already know, at some deep level?


Each class session walks you through our tales of refusing to take up space in our lives -- often with dire consequences -- then we turn our attention to locating and getting rid of those same habits in your life and business.  

For the first half of class, we'll address the patterns that affect sales but seem to have nothing to do with them. We'll talk about the ways you make yourself smaller, continually pick up slack, deny yourself pleasure or nutrients or sleep or showering, and take care of everything/everyone else before tending to your own needs.

We'll dive into the pathos that says we should be able to have the full-time business AND the full-time family AND the full-time beach bod full of vital nutrients AND ten hours of sleep a night. We'll do what Nick calls 'life math' and figure out what has to change in order for you to start sleeping, eating, showering, and delighting in life again.

Finally, we'll talk sales and selling. We'll walk you through how to ask for the sale, form good marketing habits, and earn like a champion without betraying yourself or your most vital gifts.


You want to sell more work with less frustration.
We can help.

Nick McArthur has recently transitioned from female to male, and was shocked when he noticed that more people were listening to what he was saying just because he was male. When he also noticed that he was getting way more male clients without making any other changes to his business, he started taking notes. Ballsy is the result of those notes.

As a female, Nikki founded the EpicDanger portrait photography business and co-founded Gimme That It, a web design and strategy firm with happy clients all over the globe. 

Nikki also birthed four children, which led to Nick mansplaining childbirth shortly after beginning his transition. 

Nick pens The Very Best Man to document his transition and helps people figure out their It Factors at the Epic Danger blog.

Male privilege is real.

nick knows:

keep going

Kristen Kalp has worked behind the scenes of 3 multi-million dollar businesses as a ghostwriter and ghostmarketer, where she learned that she'd much rather write and sell as a male than as a female. (She's still female and is continually challenged by selling from her feminine bits.)

She's also:

    + started and closed a profitable-but-boring-to-her photography business
    + held a 6-figure product launch
    + killed that $100k+ product because it didn’t light her up
    + lost over $43,000 with a single business event
    + paid that $43,000 back
    + coached hundreds of people about business virtually, by phone, and in person
    ...and written 5 books.

Selling is easier when you're ballsy.

kristen knows:

keep going

Weekday check-ins mean we'll answer your questions, troubleshoot your selling snafus, and lend our support for the course of the live program.  BUT...

Your attendance at the live Q+A sessions, your doing of homework assignments, and your getting out there and being ballsy is *the* most crucial part of this whole venture.

You're the most important part of this course.

we know:

keep going

You can save *yourself.*

august 6

You don't need permission.

July 23

You're not crazy.



Daily check-ins and homework (!), plus a live confetti party on August 21


sessions on July 24, August 7 & August 14


Actual techniques that actually work if you've done the other 3 sessions.

august 13

In this session, which you can listen to below, we'll cover how Ballsy itself came to be, as well as:

+ Male privilege: it's a thing. Let's talk about what that means for those who identify as female.
+ Differences between being male and female in the world (from Nick, who's lived as both)
+ Differences between selling as a male and female in the world (from Kristen, who's ghostwritten and subsequently sold millions as both)
+ 3 ways to get ballsier right this instant

You're not crazy.

session 1

We're diving deeply into taking up more space in your life this session.  In it, we cover:

+ Ways both Nick and Kristen have avoided taking up space over the years
+ The secret dream of the partnered woman
+ Life-math and the reality of 'having it all'
+ Realities of handling the mental load all by your lonesome
+ The habit of permission-asking and how to stop it
+ How to get bigger without breaking your whole freaking life

You don't need permission.

session 2

In this go-round, we talk about taking up more space in your work. We cover:

+ The myth of the 'discovered' woman and why it's hurting you
+ Why being a good girl and playing by the rules is no bueno
+ How to change the value of your work from the ground up
+ Common female patterns that make others doubt your work
+ Pitfalls that keep you from selling more work on the daily
+ Making a marketing calendar you'll actually stick to
+ Using that marketing calendar to move more products & services

You can save *yourself.*

session 3

In this class, we share the timesucks that distract females from doing fucking phenomenal work because they're making themselves small. We cover:

+ Making offers on a regular basis (and how to make an offer in the first place)
+ Unobtainium: what it is, how it works, and why it can boost your sales by 50-100%
+ Why you want to communicate with your peeps regularly (even if you're scared)
+ How to start and grow a No Collection. (And what a No Collection is, of course.)

Actual techniques that actually work if you've done the other sessions.

session 4

If you need a kick in the pants to be BRAVE in your business – whether that’s raising rates (which I did thanks to Ballsy), asking for testimonials (which I did, thank to Ballsy), or finally putting an offer out there that you wouldn’t have before (work in progress!), Ballsy helps. A lot. And when you get a little more Ballsy, or a lot more, this course really does pay for itself and then some.

"...really does pay for itself and then some."

Lauren Van Mullem

fuck yah kind words!

 It was the right kick in the ass and you both motivated me to start my newsletter which is real fun to make... It’s also really good to realize in which situations I have to be more ballsy and experimenting with that.

You two are a great team and it was so entertaining and so much to learn. It was really great. 

"...the right kick in the ass."

Barbara Pacejka

fuck yah kind words!

The insight and guidance I got acts like the glue that holds together my brand and marketing -- as well as how I work with clients and how I feel about myself as an entrepreneur.

"The...guidance I got acts like the glue that holds together my brand."

Devon Smiley

fuck yah more kind words!

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Ballsy includes four training sessions, three live Q+A's, two teachers, one month of weekday check-ins, and a make-your-money-back challenge.

Ballsy includes four training sessions, three live Q+A's, two teachers, one month of weekday check-ins, and a make-your-money-back challenge.

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